Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dance

DURATION : 6 months : Training + Field Work (Event Performances) – 300 Hours

MINIMUM EDUCATION QUALIFICATION : 8th Pass ( Age : 14 years + )

The NSQF Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dance, a certificate course which is validated from Media & Entertainment Skill Council (MESC) – Government of India. It provides the technique, creativity, understanding and professional awareness to sustain a career in Dance as a professional. Classes covers specialized of dance styles and complementary skills to make you an employable dance performer. We give you specific critique and guidance in your development, as well as offering the experience of being part of a professional dance company.

As a result of this course, you will be able to :

  • Build a solid technical framework through regular classes in Bollywood & Hip Hop.
  • Follow aspects of choreography - identify dance as an art form and relate dance to historical and cultural contexts. (Practical, Effective writing and Orals)
  • Complementary classes such as Functional Training & Yoga in fitness to improve stamina, body toning, flexibility and core strength.
  • Part of this course entitled Healthy Dancer, student learn about applied Anatomy, Physical health and Rehabilitative practices to enable you to work safely and prepare you for continued success during your physically challenging training and career.
  • Know about how knowledge of body, understanding of music and lyrics, and skills of choreography are followed in performing dance at a show/event. (Practical, Effective writing and Orals)
  • Attend costume fittings, photography sessions, and makeup calls associated with Dance performances.
  • Exploring the opportunity to work in media & entertainment industry as artistic professional.
  • Contributing towards maintaining a healthy, safe and secure working environment.

The course is all about developing and presenting oneself as a professional dancer ready for the Indian/Bollywood industry. Students technique classes ensure they are working at professional standards during the 6 months of the course. They begin to perform in various events as part of their performance skills training from which they ‘Learn and Earn’ simultaneously as part of the course. Each class will introduce concept and techniques of dance through choreography’s set on different songs, short lectures, videos, warm-ups, body conditioning, guest choreographer workshops, human anatomy and diet charts.

For course fee’s structure please contact us on info@bipaindia.com