Dance Teacher's Training Course

Duration : 2 Months, 2 times a week, weekday or weekend batch

Entry Requirement : Accepting applicants only above the age of 16.  Prior teaching experience or dance training required.

Audition : Prepare a 2 minute dance routine. If qualified you will have a one on one interview. Auditions will be taken at the Studio in the Institute by the Director of BIPA.

Course Brief :

An IDTA syllabus professional dance teaching certifications from BIPA can be obtained through training with the Association's member teachers.

You will learn safe effective teaching methods, which include :

  • Learn to set the aim of class
  • The type of class (community, social, school, studio, professional etc)
  • The dance style/genre
  • Class size and venue.
  • Pre-testing for prior knowledge/understanding.
  • Skill levels and age.
  • The importance  and safe progression beginning with warm-up, cool down and stretching.
  • Learn to deal with students’ emotional, physical and intellectual development and/or limitations.
  • Show your love for dance with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Set clear goals and expectations.
  • Use language that shows respect for students and staff.
  • Teach safe dance principles; non-judgmental attitudes; positive body image; punctuality, planning and preparation.
  • Students are given equal opportunities to learn and develop their dance skills
  • As a teacher you will learn to encourage students to accept reasonable challenges and to take risks with teacher support
  • Students support each other in challenging or risk-taking activity
  • Understanding cultural, gender and age differences and different physical and learning abilities are reflected in fair and inclusive teaching and learning practices.

To apply for the Dance Teacher's Training Course please REGISTER with us. Only 10 seats available. HURRY UP!